Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I did it. I ran. I wasn't being chased by a knife-wielding maniac or anything. I ran 2.1 miles. It took me just over 22 minutes. I had to speed walk through some of it.

I've heard "But, you're a yoga teacher...you should be in great shape." a lot since I started talking about running and my fears therein.

Running : yoga as bears : scissors.

Force, hustle and motion get you nowhere on the yoga mat. You have to follow your breath to the poses. Force, hustle and motion are precisely what get you through running. I hope to soon find that euphoria my friends are claiming that running gives. Yesterday, I experienced a stitch in my side, shortness of breath and some sunblock got in my eye. No euphoria to speak of. My quads are supah sore today. Also, my knee has felt like it needs to pop ever since mile 1. I've tried everything, but it's still weirdly sore/pressurized.

I will be running three times a week to start out. I hope to build up to 3 easy miles by the end of next week. If I keep adding at least 1 mile per week, by the time December rolls around, I should hit 13.1 easily.

Oh, and someone told me that my toenails might fall off after a long run. I am so not okay with that.