Monday, May 05, 2008

1.5 weeks left until vacation! Yay! I had to remind my boss again to please get me some wineries to visit on the 16th.

I wish I had something exciting to tell you. I wish I had gone to the movies, so I could tell you that Iron Man is awesome or Baby Mama is way funnier than the trailers would have you believe, but I didn't, so I can't. I have heard both of those things, but I cannot confirm them.

I can't tell you much about music. Although, Archie gave me a copy of Kenna. And that's rocking my world. He also gave me Santogold, M.I.A., and the new Gnarls Barkley. Haven't listened to any of them.

I have not been doing anything. Hell, the woman who always helps me at Stanley Korshak called me on Friday to say she hadn't seen me in a while. See? I've totally been good.

I can tell you that Strong's in Uptown Dallas has damn delicious coconut cream pie. Do with that information what you will.