Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, we had the contractors out to remove the tree. Did I tell you that the day my grandma died, the big tree in front of our home crashed into the garage? I took many pictures. They are here, on Smang's Flickr.

So, as I'm watching the guys take down the tree, at one point, a grey squirrel comes flying out of the trunk. Awww. So, of course, being a girl, I went to look at the demolished trunk, making sure she'd not left babies behind or something. I couldn't find any holes. The tree trunk seemed solid. Smang and I go back in the house. Moments later, there is a knock on the door. It is one of the two contractor dudes.

"Do you have some tongs? We found the babies."

OMG! We raced outside. In the back of the truck are many pieces of tree debris. Hovered over one of the bigger pieces, trying to reach deep inside, is Clint, the boss contractor. Smang gives him the tongs. He pulls out a teeny, tiny little thing. He goes to set this baby squirrel down, and the baby rolls off the branch, on onto the truck bed. I ask if there's only one baby, because I am thinking they have litters, not A baby. They begin to gingerly search through the nest. He finds three more little babies.

I come inside, open the intarwebs, and start to call my vet. I have no clue what to do, but I am sure that the momma squirrel will be looking for the babies. I get a phone number from Dr. Lindley's office. It's a non-working number. I am Googling "squirrel rehabilitation" and "squirrel rescue". I get someone called Critter Control on the phone. She tells me that they can send out a technician to "humanely as possible remove the pests. And he could come this afternoon. It's only $399." I told her I'd have to call her back. I call the vet back. They give me the number to DFW Wildlife Coalition.

I reached a volunteer. She was extremely helpful. She told me that momma squirrels build several nests, and she will be looking for her babies. A momma will not pick up cold babies either. It was 53 degrees outside. She said even in summer, little babies can get cold. They have no fur. We take one of those Icy Hot patches, place it under a shoe box lid, nuke one of our eye pillows, and take our squirrel warming device back to the stump. The wildlife volunteer tells us that momma squirrel will not come if there are people around. I tell the two contractors that they have to leave for a couple of hours. We put the babies on top of the stump. I said, "please call your momma to you. I will be so upset if y'all don't make it." Smang and I go back inside.

Within seconds, there is a knock on the door. It's the assistant contractor guy. He says the second we closed the door, the momma came up to the stump, sniffed her kids, and then ran away. Okay! We're in business now!

So, she retrieved her babies, and I am really happy that this story ends well. I was due for a happy ending.

Look at them:

Heather Nelson, squirrel wrangler...damn gald to meet ya!