Saturday, October 06, 2007

this past week has been interesting, gastronomically speaking. I took my friend out for his belated birthday dinner on Wednesday. Our friend was the chef, so we just did a tasting menu. No internal organs, no bell peppers. Other than that, I will try just about anything. Which is how I came to be eating hossenfeffer. They kept calling it wild hare. Uh uh, child. That is the same goddamned thing as calling Patagonian toothfish a Chilean sea bass. Bullshit! It was rabbit.

I am so excited about the Fair tomorrow. Johanna will be here. Jacob has the day off. It's probably going to rain. WOO!

I have nothing else to update. I have nothing going on. All I ever do is work. So, if you're wondering where I am, I am probably in uptown Dallas, either bending and twisting or else slinging vino. Come see me!