Monday, October 08, 2007

Fair Day was awesome. My only complaint would be the unrelenting heat and sunshine. Which is weird, because it was raining most of the morning. Smang & I lucked into an awesome parking spot, on Exposition, so we didn't have to pay for a lot spot. We got there before J & Huge arrived, so we immediately got a funnel cake and lemonades. Remember, the last time we ate prior to the Fair was Saturday at around 12:30. So yeah, we decided to wolf down our first fried treat post haste. And then dispose of the evidence, so we could do it again later.

First funnel cake in, and J calls to say they were at the gate. Once we all met up, we started with foods on sticks. Chicken tenders. Sausages. Peach cobbler. We had corny dogs from Fletcher's. Now, there are many fried food stands at the State Fair. You can find all manner of awesomeness that's been batter-dipped and deep-fried. Having been reared in Texas, I have a deep affinity for fried foods. But there is no other corny dog than Fletcher's. You might find one at another stand. But you'd be wise to walk away and find one of their two stands. So, yeah, on sticks. Plus, we were ingesting beers.

We kept ducking into tents and exhibition halls to get away from the compressed ball of gas hanging high in the sky. I ended up buying a cotton dress and changing right on the spot, because, oh my god, so sweaty!

We managed to spend all our tickets. We were there for four hours. We ate everything wanted to. We drank many beers. There was a Snoochy goat. All in all, most fun day I've had all year.