Monday, October 15, 2007

I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special this morning. I was going to liveblog. But, as I watched it, I actually felt myself getting dumber. I couldn't even formulate coherent thoughts by halfway through.

I watched the whole damn thing. It started off as kitschy and amusingly bad and sort of took a swan dive into wretchedly awful somewhere about 20 minutes in. Jefferson Starship showed up, with the lead singer singing into a microphone that looked like a glowing dildo. There was a cartoon with Boba Fett. Much of the Chewbacca family. Random jugglers and tumblers. It all ends with Carrie Fisher, high as a kite, singing and off-key song about "Life Day". There was much more than this, but seriously...I feel like I just ate cotton candy for dinner. That slightly sick, still hungry, over-stimulated feeling.

I think I deserve some sort of nerd badge of honor for sitting through it.