Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Questionable fashion choices. My life has been filled with them. See, here's the thing. I am on a leggings kick. They're just perfect for work, under dresses. Which basically amounts to dress over pants. And that is a look I have heretofore decried. Pick one! Wear a dress or wear pants.

And then, I got this off-white tunic. Super-duper cute. I thought maybe I might wear it alone. Um, negative Ghost Rider. It's quite sheer and a leetle bit too short. But, I paired it with a black tank top, black capri leggings, and my Chucks. That was it. I was hooked.

But, I am questioning myself. Because, after all, I am the same girl who has fallen for the following looks:

  • HUGE perm

  • spandex bike shorts under huge sweatshirts, with scrunchy socks and hi-top Reeboks. (and not even going to aerobics class, either)

  • a curling iron with a interchangeable barrels, that included a flat barrel and a triangular barrel

  • men's button-down oxford shirts, usually purloined from a guy friend or boyfriend, with jeans, tucked into scrunchy men's tube socks, and those damn hi-top Reeboks

  • hot-rolled hair, secured with some sort of really large bow. Bonus points if said bow was large enough make little ears appear at the top of my head

  • granny dresses with black 9-hole Docs

  • extremely tight Rocky Mountain jeans, paired with vibrant printed shirts, and many different colors of Ropers

  • tiny beaded bracelets, piled up on one wrist reaching almost to the elbow

  • gauchos and boots

I am leaving things out, for sure. For starters, there's no place for me to list the time when I had the drawer full of off-white sweaters. No lie, I had eight different sweaters, all in some shade of ecru, cream, beige or off-white.

Don't laugh at my leggings!