Monday, October 01, 2007

I worked at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters again this weekend. It was not nearly as much fun nor was it as profitable as it had been the last time. Oh well. So it goes.

Did I tell you that some of my friends in the Knox-Henderson area were robbed? Gone for 30 minutes, and came back to all their stuff being not where they'd left it. Not very smart criminals. Took the dvd player, some cuff links, most of the dvds, clock radio, a pillow case and assorted small goods. The police said they probably threw all the shit in the pillowcase. Left behind the television, an wine collection worth tens of thousands of dollars, art work and art books also worth a fair amount of money, a pair of Tiffany & Co. cuff links in their signature blue bag. Oh, and we got a big kick out of the movies they left behind: Big Lebowski, Indiana Jones box set, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Army of Darkness. We kept joking that the criminals clearly had no taste. Hooray for making jokes in horribly inappropriate situations! All in all, it's just stuff, and stuff can be replaced. Still sucks ass, though.

And, one final note: This Sunday, we brave the TX-OU carnage to go to the State Fair. They've got a fried latte this year.