Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I think The Loon puts crack in their cheese fries. They are doing something, because they're addictive. I have had them five times in the past two weeks, and four of those are in the last week. I always share, obvs. Somehow we servers decided that would be our post-work food. It makes sense since The Loon is just across the street from work. It's one of the places we hit in rotation.

The bartender last night said he preferred the cheese fries at Snuffers. No way, Jose*. Snuffers isn't even on the same level. I cannot stand Snuffers. I always felt sick to my stomach after eating there. But The Loon? They're onto something with their awesome burgers and wonderfully calorie-laden fried hunks of potato with cheese and bacon and chives and jalepenos. So good!

* - his name is not actually Jose; it's Justin. But that doesn't rhyme.