Monday, April 30, 2007

There was another snake in the house. I am not sure if it was the same snake, or if he called in reinforcements. But last night, when I got home from Vickery Park, there was another snake. Well, a former snake anyway. So thankful for my destructo-dogs!

I saw The Flake today. I was pulling into the WV to go to work, and he was walking with his sister in front of Starbucks. He didn't see me. I saw him, though. Clear as day. And time sort of slowed down for a second. Seeing him, not even talking to him, just seeing him, made me shakier than I care to admit. I feel like I've come so far, and yet, not very far at all.

And then, my night ended with some random old dude proselytizing me at Denny's. He wanted to sit with us. We said, "sure", because he was old. He asked me if I'd read the bible. I said that I had. He asked if I believe in god. I said I did not. He said he'd never met an atheist. I questioned the wisdom of this particular conversation well past 2 am, and ya know, at a Denny's. You gotta know your audience, man. the late night Denny's crowd isn't really about church time. We're more about the Moons Over My Hammy and crapulous coffee. Or, in my case, the French toast and extra crispy bacon and crappy coffee. He launched into a tirade about who was the smartest man in the world. And then, he started talking about devil worshipers. And then, about how doctors are devil worshipers. Then he showed how the snake on his Medic-Alert bracelet is a symbol of the devil. I should've started showing off my tattoos at that point. Instead, we listened for at least ten minutes. And by listen, I mean kept the eye-rolling to a minimum. Look, don't get me wrong...if you choose to believe in Jebus, more power to you. If it gives you a sense of peace and happiness, then I am happy for you. Way to go. I don't even mean that in my usual sarcastic tone. I just don't ascribe to that particular set of notions. And once I establish that I don't need a supernatural father figure to tell me "no no! Bad girl!", then I am a-okay. I wish other people were a-okay with it, too. This guy told me that I was smart, and that eventually, my smart would lead me to heaven. I wanted to explain that I don't believe in that either (I thought I had when I said I was an atheist). Instead, I just kind of said "ok, I've gotta go now, Bob. Buh-bye." He told us he was going to talk to the prisoners. Now, that's a captive audience.