Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When I was 14, I was a typical kid, I'm sure. I had never kissed a boy. I was a freshman at Katy High. I was bestest friends with Joy and Melissa, until they called me one day on Thanksgiving break to break up with me. I cried. But, by the time we got back to school, we were friends again. I was really into the Cure. I was really into Guess jeans. But, I was still a kid. I did kid things, and my main worry was my grades. I found out that for someone I know, who is 14, life just isn't that easy. It breaks my heart into 75 pieces. It really does. There is nothing I can do to ease this 14-year-old's pain. She has fears and concerns that, even as a grown ass woman, I do not have. I could not get drunk enough or high enough last night to erase what I know. I will never be able to. And it isn't even something that happened to me. It happened to someone I love. Which makes the pain worse. Because of all the feelings in the world, the one that I still am not equipped to deal with is helplessness.