Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goddammit! I am emo. I am fucking emo. I love to make fun of emo. One of my best friends is a boy who wears eyeliner. And I give him hell for it. Secretly, I think it's fairly cool that he's secure enough to wear makeup. I make fun of the videos when Smang watches MTV. And then, last week, I was stealing songs from Smang's iTunes. And I just double-click on things randomly. And I double-clicked on the All-American Rejects "Move Along". And I love it. A lot. I guess emo is what happened to new wave? Or whatever the hell The Cure and Depeche Mode are typified as. I loved those bands, so it's no wonder I love this nonsense. It's so ridiculous. And I blew my driver's side speaker out listening to it at max volume. Time to start wearing a lot of black eyeliner again. And sleeves that are way too long, with thumb holes cut in them.

If I had a fainting couch, this is where I would fling myself onto it with dramatic flourish, with the back of my wrist wresting on my forehead.