Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I may have finally reached the end of this bender. I burst a blood vessel in my eye, y'all! That's not cool. I still went to the Loon and to VP last night, because it was technically still Christa's birthday. But, I only had two beers. I felt and looked like death yesterday.

So, as Smang and I were lying on our couches last night, watching Kung Fu Hustle for the kajillionith time, we started talking about movies we've seen at least 100 times. Not even using hyperbole, but actually viewed around 100 times. As her list started to take up an entire sheet of paper, I started composing my list as well.

Remember, you have to have actually seen them around 100 times:

Wizard of Oz - my mom rented this for me every time I got sick, and I was a sickly child
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - same as above
Sixteen Candles - Sonja and I wore out my VHS copy of this
Breakfast Club
Pretty Woman
Princess Bride - is there anyone my age who isn't obsessed with this movie?
About Last Night - watching it now, it's like soft-core porn. But it was such a "realistic look at relationships" when I was 16. I really believed that.
Big Lebowski
Pulp Fiction - I saw this nine times in theatres. I bought it the day it came out on video. And watched it twice that night. It is not a short movie, either
Chasing Amy
24 Hour Party People
A Christmas Story
High Fidelity
Galaxy Quest
the original Matrix - I used to live with three nerd boys
Fifth Element - see above
Wedding Singer

As I let my brain review and edit the list, I am sure there are some I've missed. But seriously, a lot of those that are listed, we watched every day. Every. Day. Mostly on VHS, so you'd have to commit to watching the whole thing, or else really be handy with rewinding and fast-forwarding. We'd just turn them on, and then do things while they played. I can hear specific lines from each movie in my head right now. No wonder it's such a noisy place in there.

We finished off our night by watching Christmas Vacation. In March. Because it's always funny when Chevy Chase makes ridiculous faces. Also, Randy Quaid.

You serious, Clark?