Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two weeks. It has been almost two whole weeks since I've been here. You see, what had happened was our hard drive at home, well, it died. A big death. An irrecoverable death. So we're waiting for Dave B. to swoop and save the day. Actually, we're waiting for him to mail Smang the things to fix the hard drive to save the day.

I have become excessively paranoid about men. I just want to be left alone and when I decline invitations, it seems to me that some guys take it as a personal challenge. It's not. I am not playing hard to get. You cannot get me. And you wouldn't know what to do with me, even if you did get me. So just leave me alone.

Holy shit. That sounds all bitter or something.

OH! I am love with lucy. I am working a catering gig there and so I bought a lucy outfit today to wear when I cater there. Really cute clothes. Really my style. AND! The store is named after their founder's dog. AND MY DOG IS NAMED LUCY TOO! Actually, my mom now has a dog called Lucy, too. She totally copied me. And then, today, she told me that she'd forgotten that my dog's name was Lucy. Sure, mom :)

I made Smang go with me to Metro Diner on Monday night. As we sat there, I was compelled to talk about my mom's heart attacks. I couldn't expain why, but I just started talking about it. And then asking her about her step-dad's sickness and what she remembered from the day it happened. And then, it occurred to me today when I was on the phone with my mom: 13 years ago Monday is when she got sick. It was the anniversary, and I hadn't realized it. All those memories just came tumbling out of my brain of their own volition.

All right my babies, I have missed you, but I must go to my yoga studio now to prepare for my beginner's series. It starts on July 19th.