Monday, July 03, 2006

hey man...what's up? I've missed you. No, really, I have. I have been thinking about the time when we'd be together again, and now you're back. You're right here. And it's awesome. It was a hard month. But we're past all that now. *hugs computer*

so,'s a holiday weekend. I'm working because, that is what I do. My next night off from work will be the weekend of the 21st, because a certain movie about bowling and white russians and lignonberry pancakes is showing on the big screen at a midnight movie house.

Also, I'm totally in love with Ami from Miami Ink. He's gorgeous. He's an artist. And in the episode my roommate forced (FORCED, I tell you) me to watch, he purchased a '72 Cuda with a 350 hemi in it. Merciful Zeus! That's hot.

I should really go back to bed. I worked from 11.1 hours yesterday. Then, I sort of stayed awake until Smang returned from her Austin Adventure. I did nap hard for about seven minutes before she came home. And then, I was up until 4:30-ish am. Because Lucy had some things to take care of outside, which apparently needed to be attended to every hour, on the hour.

Oh, I want to copy a lesbian ghost's haircut. Don't look at me like. I think this:

is adorable. I have been informed that it's a little too Kelly Osbourne. I'm not dying it pink. I just like the texture and layeriness of it. :)

I'm going to lie on the couch until I have to get dressed and go work. Monday night = slow. However, night before a holiday, when everyone's off tomorrow = slammed. We'll see how those two even out.