Thursday, April 13, 2006

Run away! Run away!

last night, I attended my first passover seder. There is so much singing in Judaism. Everyone's usualy so happy about services or gatherings or whathaveyou. I will tell you that I do NOT enjoy kosher wine. I was thinking "it's wine, how bad can it be?
The answer is imagine if grape juice had an oaky aftertaste. Yeah.

My newest "gotta have it", from Sephora? Lip Fusion XL. I am going to be buying it when I have a small cash surplus. Look, we all know that I have a makeup jones. Specifically, I love lip products. Glosses, lipsticks, balms, shine makers with a little sting...LOVE lip stuff. This stuff makes me want to go to Sephora on a daily basis, just to use the tester. I must have it.

Got some new flats for work yesterday. Lacy looking black flats, with an althetic shoe type of sole and cushioning. Cute and comfy. Hooray!

All right, my poppets, I have a day cram-packed with action, adventure, and excitement. Guess I'll finish this coffee and get to it.