Monday, April 10, 2006

Run away! Run away!

so, yesterday, in between jobs, I decided to stop and get gas, and get Greta washed, because after some rains, she was looking a little dingy. So, I spent $33 filling up the tank. I could get all indignant, but I gotta drive, so I gotta have gas. So, I get my receipt, and toddle on over to the wash. I find something called "auth code", and I begin typing this number into the little comuter thingy. I keeps making a harsh "BZZT" noise and saying "Code Invalid". Having just spent $8 on this, I get a little miffed. I drive through the wash, and pull around to the little C Store. I walked in and said "May I please have another code, this one's broken or something. I've tried to enter it like, four times and it won't let me." Azy, my counter guy says "How many numbers you enter?" I hold up my ticket and say "Six, look right here where it says 'Auth Code'!" He takes my folded receipt, unfolds it and points to the big, bold writing on the bottom of the receipt, which clearly reads "CAR WASH CODE". Apparently, my dumb ass was trying to enter the debit card authorization code. I said "OH! Right! Yeah, I guess it wouldf help if I entered the correct code. I get you, Azy", slunk back to my car, and retreated to the safety of the air conditioned interior therewith. D'oh!