Thursday, April 27, 2006

I tell you what: flower jinx goes further than punching a fucking dent into my precious car! DICK!

Let's move on. We all know that my mother is a master at guilt. I think she took lessons or something, but she's a pro. Once, when I lived in Katy, I said I'd rather go out with friends than go to Mo's one New Year's Eve. She retorted with, "Well, you should come to Mo's because this just may be my last New Year's Eve!" I responded with "Mom, it could be my last New Year's Eve, too, and I don't want to spend it at Mo's!" So, yeah, guilt master. I was talking to the Guilt Master recently. She mentions that my cousin is coming in from California, and his parents are coming in from Florida. Won't I please come and see them, "while Seth can still SEE!" Hahaha! Okay, mom. Fine! Sheesh! So, Smang, Lucy Fur and I will be loading up a car early Saturday morning and cruising to the lovely town of Trinity, TX. Sadly, this is too far from Houston, and we have to be back too early to visit our Darling Meaty. It should be fun, but if it's crazy, well, that's why we take a car and a friend who would be comfortable leaving a.s.a.f.p. :)