Friday, April 28, 2006

check me out; I'm an updating fool. Or just a fool.

I just got a call from my GM. It seems that with the raining and half of our business being patio business, there's really no need for the five servers he has scheduled. I believe he's calling one other person (probably a 4pm in time) too. So, now I have a Friday night off and just don't know what do with myself. I had already showered. We'd already made a last minute ice cream emergency run to Sonic. I was ready to go. Now, I'll just...go catch up on Veronica Mars. There are four eps in the Tivo. I am falling behind.

Oh, the cute tall boy from the movie theatre? He's still cute and tall, but methinks he is too young. I haven't come out and asked his age, but he's maybe 23. Maybe. Too young for me, but wow is he adorable. He is still fun to look at.

Perhaps I can convince Smang to go to a movie with me tonight. I have some tickets, and I will even drive the rental car. I drive that thing something fierce. I just don't care. A) it's a Chrysler Sebring with no power and 2) it's a rental. Everyone drives a rental hard. EVERYONE.