Monday, December 12, 2005

Run away! Run away!

two posts in one day. because I use this thing to vent my furious rage.

full disclosure: I cannot stand our "business development" associate. She's older than my mom, and wears leather pants to the office. She constantly talks about how fat she is. But she eats everything. Constantly asking me for cookies or snacks or sodas. I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING MAID! It's not my job to bring you things.

So, I am in charge of making cookies in our office. Everytime we have a closing, I make cookies. I only make them when we have clients, because I am all about saving the company money. So, we've got a closing scheduled for 4pm. I start the cookies at 3pm. I take them out of the oven, after their predetermined cooking time. I leave them to cool, because they're too hot to put on the serving plate. When I go back to set up the cookies for the close, the cookies are gone. They are chocolate streaks where the cookies had been. This fat, greedy pig ATE THE GODDAMNED COOKIES! Now I have nothing for the client. Luckily, my ass is covered because my boss saw me put them in the oven.