Monday, December 12, 2005

Run away! Run away!

no, make that three posts in one day. Fucking Sprint. Actually, fucking R Gomez of Sprint, who'd better be being escorted fromhis cube by security right now. Our phones got shut off AGAIN! What this dillhole is apparently failing to grasp is this: every single time this moron goes into our accounts, it is logged in the Sprint computer. Even if he did think he could sneak in, he's putting the same fucking note in every time "account was shut down by friend Nicole.", which then shows that he was logged into our accounts. I am so getting a fucking Sidekick now. Actually, Sprint keeps giving me thigns so that I will stay with Sprint. They're not being as nice to Stacie apparently. I don't care how many freebies I get, if this shit doesn't stop, I will have a new cell phone provider. Like, immediately.