Monday, December 12, 2005

Run away! Run away!

ok. Who ever the hell R Gomez is at Sprint, you're about to lose your job. This person has messed with three Sprint accounts that I know this weekend. The thing is, these computers that we're on here, well, they log stuff like who's looking at what and when. My phone was deactivated three times this weekend. I have been on the phone with Sprint for a grand total of almost four hours over three days. I have gotten my December bill paid, and some lovely consolation prizes, so I don't jump ship. Because I have been considering some other options. But Lee in tech support has so far been my hero today. And R Gomez, may Jebus have mercy on your soul, because if Nicole, Stacie or I get a hold of you, there will be punishment! Don't fuck with a bitch's cell phone!

The Flake took me to a lovely dinner last night. We did a dinner for two, which included two glasses of house wine. I would've rather had something other than merlot, but overall, the dinner was wonderful. What can you say about cooking foods in hot cheese or hot oil or hot chocolate. Two thumbs waaaaaaay up! :)

I am going to sit here and not eat anything today. Because I damn sure stuffed my body full this weekend. Although, please don't think I am going without. I have already had a 24-oz 7-Eleven coffee, a mug of hot chocolate and a 12-oz black coffee. Yeah.

*floats away*