Thursday, December 08, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Brrr! It's a nipple-stiffening 19° outside. Roads are all icy. My car has a thick layer of sleet protecting it. I desperately need some coffee, so I am considering a hike to the local 7-Eleven. Hmmm caffeine vs. ice. Wonder who will win out? Seriously, I need coffee. But I also need to not get hypothermia in my toes. I can't decide if I wanna bundle up and hoof it (because I am damn sure not using my car in this nastiness) or I just want to sit here and watch Saved by the Bell. GAH! I should go. Exercise would be good, and I can stave off a caffeine headache.

Just called my boss. Today is officially a snow day. We won't quibble about the fact that there's sleet, but no snow. The other escrow assistant and I double-checked the handbook yesterday. It says "it's at your supervisor's discretion, but generally speaking, as the school districts go, so goes the office." D.I.S.D. is closed. So yeah, free day! Woo to the hoo, babies!

I should take a shower and all that jazz. Maybe do some cleaning around the house. Although, it is just after 7:00am, so I'm sure none of my neighbors wants to listen to the hum of my Dyson, nor the sounds of the Fred channel on XM turned up loud enough to be heard over the Dyson. All right, here's the plan. Bundle up in as many layers as possible, walk to get coffee. Return, sip coffee and wait for 10:00am. At which time, house cleaning shall commence, followed by bodily cleaning. Then, by noon, I will planted on the futon (Move over, Lucy!), watching dvds. I like it. It's a solid plan! :)

Update! Now with photo essay:

last night at 5:30pm
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my car this morning
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my neighbor's yard, seen on my walk to get coffee
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Ross Avenue is slick, y'all
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So, I came back in with my coffee in hand and looked at Lucy's way of dealing with the cold
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I think she's got the right idea.