Thursday, December 15, 2005

Run away! Run away!

idea shamelessly stolen from The Boots. In 2005, I have:

gotten divorced
played the break-up/make-up game with The Flake approximately 47 times
left my original yoga studio
started at a new yoga studio
made my professional stage debut
attended my first roller derby bout
had my mom and aunt do guerilla redecorating on my house
turned 31
thinned my heard of cds and dvds, repeatedly
got rid of my Jeep
got a Jetta
rock and rolled all night; partied every day
gotten an office job
prepared to leave that office job
accepted a new job, which starts on January 3rd
had my power shut off once, for non-payment of bill
cooked a turkey
read a book in 8 hours
saw Hostage, Fantastic Four, Robots, Madagascar, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, the Aristocrats, Kung Fu Hustle, the Wedding Crashers and Star Wars Episode III in the theatres
had my hand held by best friend during the worst day of my life
managed to avoid Houston altogether (although I am certain that will not last through the rest of the year)
decided to give up the du, and move in with The Boots
and mostly, just kept breathing, which is accomplishment enough

May the rest of December bring you cheer and may 2006 bring you peace, love and happiness.

I am going to get dressed for yoga and then have fried chicken after. Because I love fried chicken. Sorry, Chicken. :(