Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Run away! Run away!

oooo...tomorrow is cooking day! I am going to pile Lu into the car fairly early in the a.m. The menu as it know it follows:

Turkey - uh, no doy. I will be in charge of the bird.
Smashed Savory Sweet Potatoes - no marshmallows here, biotechs.
Garlic Smashed Potatoes - with lots and lots and lots of pepper and butter.
cornbread and bacon stuffing - yeah, that's me, too.

I don't know what our green thing will be. I know Neighbor Stacie is making spinach dip. I also know that spinach = green. And there will be pie. And we will watch Christmas Vacation. Which, I will have you know I saw in the theatres. With a very dear friend. And if I am recalling correctly, Rachel and Ryan were also there. It was a sort-of-double-date. Whoa! Flashback, man. I'm open to suggestions on other holiday movies.

Oh, some life changes are afoot. You know it's cool, I'll give you the deets. Till then, keep your shirt on...unless you have really nice knockers. Then, please feel free to remove your shirt while you wait.