Friday, November 18, 2005

Run away! Run away!

some random Friday things for you to peruse at your leisure:

I have DirecTV. With that, comes XM Satellite Radio, up in the 800-channels. There is a station called Lucy. I turned to it for obvious reasons. I actually quite enjoy it. Then again, I listen to the Show Tunes channel and perform musical numbers in my bedroom with reckless abandon. So take that for what it's worth.

I saw a yellow Mini Cooper with the personalized license plate "PWNED" yesterday, in Highland Park. I laughed so hard.

All of my bills are currently PIF. Well, not all all. But all the ones they would turn off without payment. You know, electricity, water, gas, satellite, phone, et cetera. Go me. Now, I have to pay back Neighbor Stacie for having house phone/internets turned back on.

Meeting with an old co-worked in just over an hour. He's hopefully going to make me a decent offer, so that I may quit this job, where I just don't fit in. Yesterday, I was admonished for saying "What's kickin', chicken" to agent. Whom I had been talking with all morning. He was telling me that he and his "roommate" had to put their 15-year old mini schnauzer down recently. We spoke of dogs. We spoke of foodstuffs. We spoke of wearing jeans to a foreclosed house in South Dallas. But it's apparently inappropriate for me to greet this man in such a folksy manner. *sigh*

ok, I am going to go read some gossip. And also, update my Neiman Marcus wish list. Because you just never know when someone who has a lot of money is going to want to buy me presents. Hey, it could totally happen.