Friday, November 25, 2005

Run away! Run away!

important safety tip: eat your turkey only once it has passed the recommended temperature on the label, rather than attemping to carve it because "I wanted dinner to be ready at 3:00 pm!" No one complained about my dinner. I wouldn't say it was my best dinner ever, though. The Flake was supposed to join us for dinner. Being that he's, ya know, flaky, he didn't. I had fun, regardless. I was going to just take my dvd of Christmas Vacation. Instead, I took all of my movies that start with a c. We kicked off cooking to Chicago (full accompaniment(sp?) by all three of us), which segued into Christmas Vacation, which was then followed by Zoolander, which doesn't start with a c.

I came home last night and laid down on my couch. And proceeded to go to sleep. At 7:48pm. Consequently, I was wide awake at 4:00am today. I did some quiet cleaning. I would've Dysoned, but Neighbor Stacie had the Dyson, so I waited. Also, 4 in the a.m. is no time to be vacuuming, no matter how awake you are or how quiet you think you can be.

And now, since I just read that Pat Morita has passed away, I'm going to go watch Mulan in tribute. Sayonara!