Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Dear whatever infection has taken up residence in my lungs....again:
Get out. Seriously. I am tired of you being here. You've been around for weeks now. First, you were calling yourself bronchitis. Now, you just seem to be some sort of random respiratory infection. While I do enjoy the hydrocodone and guaifenesin syrup, I am not into the flourescent yellow & green things expelling themselves from my lungs. You are grossing me out. Stop it. Go away. Quit trying to ruin another one of my birthdays. Fucker. Also, I try to be a dainty lady (cram it!), and hocking giant loogies as I exit my car to get my morning 7-Eleven coffee doesn't jibe with that image. So, in conclusion, fuck off and go away.

Love always,

I have only three more performances. My mommy and Nanny will be here Thursday & Friday. Smang has made her reservations. If you haven't come to see my professional debut, time's almost up. Dear god, now what will I talk about? ;)

Neighbor Stacie and I watched a kick-ass documentary last night. I wanna go crazy in a 28-room mansion in the Hamptons. That'd be totally awesome. And constant bickering with my equally crazy mom? yeah, sign me up! It was a thoroughly engaging and interesting film. And it's 30 years old. I'd read about Grey Gardens in a book on the Hamptons that Neighbor Stacie loaned me. Then, yesterday, I was reading something about the Collyer brothers (an infamous hoarder story in NYC). I'm totally fascinated by hoarders. Hell, I'm a Xanax away from being a hoarder myself. I am not quite that crazy....yet. So, anyway, I finally tracked down the dvd. NEATO!

And finally, it is election day. If you live in Texas, please don't forget to vote AGAINST Prop 2. Umm, who gets to define love? And who's so narrowminded that they would believe that they could. There is such a shortage of loving homes in this world, let's not vote in the REMOVAL of rights. What goes on in bedrooms is of no concern to the government.[/hippie rant]