Monday, October 31, 2005

Run away! Run away!

yay! I lub Halloween. LUBBIT! Dressing up, and getting candy for it? Yeah, I'm totally in. NeighborStacie and I had a party Saturday night. Well, it was more NeighborStacie's party than mine. She let me keep my side of the du closed off. You know how anal-retentive I am. I would be following people around going "don't put your drink down without a coaster" and "oh, don't sit there" and other general nervousness. Also, I am not too big on social gatherings. I dressed up as a cat. And by dressed up, I mean I wore normal clothes, my favorite lime green heels, a pair of ears, a tail hooked around a belt loop and eyeliner whiskers on my face. That's as elaborate as I get these days. Our friend, Mal, dressed up as the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East. So fucking creative. Smang took pictures, so hopefully, she will post them. I left my own party when one of the young things that is in my play announced to the entire world "Oh my god, this is so cold on my vagina". I try to understand, because I was 22 once, too. But I am certain that I was never 22 like that. She makes pronouncements backstage like "Astroglide is just the best thing ever" and "This guy at my work just won't stop liking me". She's the most prim and proper little thing you've ever seen. She chews scenery in our play. She was cast in a friend of a friend's short film, and immediately suggested that her scene be lengthened. She is constantly singing songs backstage in her extremely soprano voice. In short, this girl drives me fucking batty. I have tried to ignore her. I have tried to suck it up and be genial to her. I just can't. So, yeah, I took off at about 1:00am. Went and hid inside my own abode with The Flake. He came out. He dressed up. He said he would proclaim his love for me at the top of his voice. I said thanks, but I get it. He's in a sweet phase. I like the sweet phase a lot.

I am going to do a little work now. We got paid today, and as long as our office is profitable, we get bonuses. My bonus was $48.somethingorother. Hooray! Extra money is extra money.

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