Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Run away! Run away!

last night, The Flake and I went for a Halloween walk down Swiss Avenue. The Flake lives on Swiss Avenue, so at least we had somewhere to park. Holy crowded street, Batman! Tons of people everywhere. So, as we're walking down the street, we come one of those amazing prairie style three story jobs. As the clock struck 9pm (yes, they had a huge clock), someone in the house came out onto the roof of the patio, dressed in an awesome Death costume. Behind Death was a very large set of pipes. Then, flames (!) shot out of flame cannons(I'm not sure I'm conveying the awesomeness properly), and he mimed along with a spooky harpsichord/organ/keyed instrument soudntrack. As he would come to a big crescendo, flames would come roaring out of the flame cannons. It was the coolest thing I have seen in years. I walked down the street with my bat hat on. The Flake always looks a little embarassed when I act like a 13-year old. Didn't care. I bounced up and down the street, commenting on costumes, and clutching my big bag o'fun-siz Twix. Any little kid that opened their candy bag or held out their hand got a piece of candy. Only a few did. I'm sure it's weird that some grown-ass woman would be cruising down the street, randomly handing out goodies. I got zero trick-or-treaters at my house. How sad :(

Smang forgot to bring her camera to the office, so I don't yet have pics from the party. As soon as I get them, you'll see them.