Monday, October 03, 2005

Run away! Run away!

yay for my play! Ang came out to see it on opening night. So did The Flake. He even brought me some lillies. Awww. I wasn't fully prepared for the audience participation portion of the show. I knew they'd be allowed and even encouraged to throw popcorn. I didn't realize that some of them would be so mean about it. And all of my scenes involve me being downstage and directly in the line of fire. Also, last night, some little girl was celebrating her birthday at the theatre. Whatevs, no biggie. So, after one of my scenes, I was walking offstage and this little biotech had her fucking feet propped up on the stage. I didn't see her feet until after I'd tripped over them. After I tripped, I kicked her feet. I was going to go with "are you in show business? No? THEN GET YOUR FUCKING FEET OFF THE STAGE", but instead opted for senseless violence. After that, I sent my stage manager out to do my dirty work.

I overslept this morning. I still made it in to work on time. I am wearing only mascara and lip gloss. My hair is not done. But I was here on time. That's what's important.

My mommy, my Nanny and my leetle seester came to see me yesterday. They were doing some shopping in Canton, which is sorta near the Big D. They couldn't make it to the show Saturday night. Which was a drunken crowd, so I'm cool with that. But they came Sunday morning and immediately wanted to go eat. I opted for Ferre, because I know for a fact the brunch there is awesome. Also, $10 all you can drink mimosas. My little sister even had a couple drinks. I had like, five. Possibly 12. It's hard to keep count, when your glass gets refilled every time you turn around. We had a good time, and they got to see my house, which they said was adorable. I spent two days cleaning like a psycho, because I didn't want them to judge me for having dog hair on the floor.

In conlusion, please be sure to come to the Pocket Sandwich sometime before November 12th and see the show. You'll have fun. I'll have fun. It'll be great![/self promotion]