Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Run away! Run away!

SONAVABITCH! Look! Look what someone did to my baby:

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on the one hand, I feel bad for the guy who crunched me. He's only lived in Dallas for two weeks, and I understand how people can be distracted at 5:00pm. But at the same time, that's my FUCKING CAR! It's barely four months old. I am on the phone with insurance right now. This is pissing me off. My insurance wants me to pay $500 for them to call the guy's insurance and ask for that $500 back. Are you fucking kidding me? I give you people $130 every single month, just in case this very scenario happens (happened). And what I'm hearing from you is "sorry, sucks to be you. Give us $500". Hmm...I wonder what Geico's rates are these days. Because State Farm has just fucked me over. And I don't think that's very good customer service.

Goddammit! I am cranky now. I am hungry. I brought cereal and a banana for lunch. What I did not bring is milk. So, I got no lunch. I got a crunchy car. And I got a big scowl on my face. Wanna fight?