Friday, October 07, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Dear La Madeline:
I appreciate your dedication to serving hot soup. Indeed, unless I've ordered gazpacho, I want my soup to have a little warmth to it. However, serving molten lava in a to go cup, and calling it French onion soup is not cool. The roof of my mouth, and my tongue are both burnt. And I even did the "blow on the spoon to cool it" trick. I am pain. I am taking big gulps of chilled water and holding them in my mouth until the heat eminating from my tongue warms the water. Swallow. Repeat. I thought a Coca-Cola Classic would be in order, however the carbonation does not go well with second degree burns. Rather, it seems to exacerbate the issue. In conclusion, if we could go with a temperature slightly lower than the surface of the sun, that'd be great.

Hanging Mouth-Beef

Have you come to the play yet? If not, you should. If you don't live in the metroplex, you want avoid Dallas this weekend, because it's Texas/OU weekend. If you do live in the metroplex, come on down. Please? I will stop shamelessly self-promoting (yeah, right) if you'll come.

I spoke with the insurance company of the gentleman who hit my car. They are taking care of everything. The way the adjustor said, it was like he was doing me a favor. I had to double-check traffic laws, but when you're driving, and the other person is parked, you do have the right of way. Imagine that. I also mentioned that I could not be without transportation while my vehicle is repaired. The adjustor was like "I guess I will cover your rental car." Excuse me? You "guess"? I am not asking you, I am telling you. You. Will. Pay. So. I. Can. Work. There? Are we clear now?

Jeebus, I am going to go to the kitchen and get some ice for my mouf. Have yourself a loverly afternoon.