Monday, October 10, 2005

Run away! Run away!

sweet merciful crap! I have teh bronchitis. AGAIN! I quit smoking cigs some time ago. And yet, my lungs are expelling some horrifying green things. Double Ewe Tee Eff??? I was going to call out sick today, but I am taking a day off on Wednesday, so I can take care of my car. Also, the other escrow assistant is out today. We've only got one close and it's a refi, but I needed to be here. *cough cough hack*. I have some lovely drugs. Some new antibiotic and a cough syrup with codeine. HOORAY! Both of my medicines for this round of phlegmy, coughy, sneezy goodness are sleepy medicines. So, I am basically biding time until I can go home at 5pm and bliss out on my meds and Veronica Mars.

I have been watching Breaking Bonaduce. I know, reality teebee and all that. But here's the thing. The Flake = Danny - the roids. Like, a lot. I want to cry for his wife. And his poor children. I know he goes into rehab, and I believe he got his shit together. But I wouldn't be able to go to therapy if my therapist was lookin' like David Gest.

Our office keeps getting an Avon catalog addressed to someone named Kaye. There's no Kaye in this office. But I continue to find all sorts of things that I could be purchasing. I usually peruse it and then throw it away. Because I've no reason to be spending money on make-up. I wonder if I call this girl, and pretend to be this Kaye person if she'll cut me some sort of deal. Because the Shine Supreme lip gloss (with slef renewing shine!) looks pretty effing awesome.

in closing, I give you another letter

Dear Mighty Leaf Tea:
I find the stylistic writings on the back of your packaging to be occasionally amusing. But let's be honest, the orange jasmine is NOT "reminscent of a smooth full Portugese port that's been aged for 30 years". It's a yummy cuppa tea, I'll give you that. But let's not compare Darjeeling to delicious wine, eh? I like hyperbole as much as the next 1000 girls, but honestly.

Coughy in Dallas