Friday, October 14, 2005

Run away! Run away! next birthday is rapidly approaching. I'm gettin' all older and stuff. I mean, in the esoteric sense of it, we're all gettin' all older. But, I feel more acutely aware of my age the older I get. It's all just a state of mind, but I catch myself thinking "is it really appropriate for a 31-year old to wear a miniskirt?" or "should a 31-year old still be calling their mom when they get sick, so she can comfort them?" or "should someone who's 31 years old still have so much fuckinf trouble balancing a damn checkbook?". And so on and so on, ad infinitum. If 25 is the new 18, is 31 the new 25? Is 40 the new 30?

I bought Special K at 7-Eleven today, because I forgot to bring my bran flakes from home. I don't like Special K as much as I like bran flakes, but forgetters can't be too choosey. What I have really been craving is a Nutella and banana sandwich on french bread. many calories!

I'm hungry, so I am going to eat my cereal now. And then later, when I'm hungry again, I'll find a way to justify munching on cookies. Working the oven at my job does have its pluses.