Thursday, October 20, 2005

Run away! Run away!

updates! getcher updates here! they're hot! they're fresh (ish)! they're updates!

So, my car is back and it looks all purty again. They even washed the outside, which had been quite dusty. It felt so good to cruise down Central Expressway in my car. The rental car I had smelled of stale cigarettes. ick!

What else? Got a new phone. it's exactly the same as my old phone, but the screen on this one works. The screen on the old one did not. I was a little sad about it, because I had just purchased purple vinyl stickers to make my phone totally awesim. But, maybe the awesim stickers are what killed it? Also, I'm not a 19-year old Asian girl, so do I really need vinyl clings to change the color of my phone? The correct answer is, of course, yes.

I bought something at 7-Eleven today, based on how ridiculous it is. Sport Beans by JellyBelly. Energizing jelly beans, with 120 mg of electrolytes and vitamins C & E. It actually says "Energize with one package before activity. Use additional beans as needed during activity to sustain energy level." Sports fucking fabulous is that? Look at the sporty packaging:
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and I'll leave you to chew on that for a bit.