Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Run away! Run away!

there is a white and tortoise-shell colored kitty who has been hanging around my house. I am falling in love with this kitty. Very sweet. Very friendly. Looks healthy, but it's hard to tell. I hate the idea of this kitty roaming my street. People don't even slow down when the Mexican kids across the street play in the street. I can't imagine that they'll slow down for the kitty. I've given him a name. It's Chairman Meow. I just call him "Mr. Chairman" or "boss", if I'm in a hurry. I gave him a bowl of water today. I will consder giving him tuna later, if he's still around. I don't need another animal. I don't think Lucy Fur will take kindly to sharing attention. But I have to try. Because, what about kitty?

I have seen three women wearing animal print today. Two scarves, and one pair of shoes, paired with espresso in one case, black in another, and espresso in the final. It made me seriously consider animal prints for a mo, and I found these awesome shoes. I should really stop window shopping in stores I cannot afford.

And finally, little Eason Kim has arrived safely into this world. I'ma go lookit some baby tonight!