Monday, September 26, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Some things:

7-Eleven has almost completed construction on their new store, at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest. That would be no big deal, except for one, tiny detail: THERE IS ALREADY A 7-ELEVEN AT THAT CORNER! No lies, drive by and see for yourself. The new 7-Eleven literally comes up to the back door of the old one. I am certain that the old one will be torn down eventually. But for now, with them both there and both of them having signage, it's 7-Eleven jinx. Also side note to Hispanic dude in the white Crown Vic...the parking lot isn't a good place to shave. Even with your cordless, electric razor. No bien.

Moving on: Saturday was my best non-holiday serving shift. Ever. Don't believe me? I got five times a tab as a tip. On one table. Paid off my Foley's and my DirecTV bills. And also went to Origins. Got some more of this and also bought these, and didn't even have shopper's remorse! I should, because I still have other outstanding bills. But I didn't care. My shower last night was awesome. I came home from the mall, cleaned the du, did 45 minutes of yoga on the clean floor and then took a long shower. Fabulous Sunday.

I have become a girl who fixes her hair. Part of the reason that I tend to grow my hair out so long, is because I cannot stand having to "fix" my hair. I am currently in a phase where I use no less than two hair goops, blow-dry and occasionally wield a curling iron upon my head. The thing is, if left to its own devices, my haircut resembles a femullet. I am NOT walking around with a mullet. So I style. I barrette. I bobby pin. And so be it. I make fun of myself, too. Because seriously...pomade and hairspray? Yeesh!

And now, my boss is out today, so it's going to be studying lines and surfing intynets. And also, drinking as much coffee as my body will allow. I may never sleep :)