Thursday, September 01, 2005

Run away! Run away!

so, I'm sitting here this morning, doing my thing (you know, processing titles and what-not). I come across an address that seems familiar, but I am unable to place it. Then, as I start to enter the order, I see the seller's names. It is a familiar address because it is the parents of Ed. You may remember Ed from some March postings of last year. I haven't talked to Ed in a year. I just thought it was a neat coincidence.

I am hungry. I have been eating breakfast, lunch and occasionally dinner. I am going to be all fat again. Not really, but I just feel squishy. I have been practing yog in my living room. Like, on a mat, with candles lit and the Soundscapes channel playing. I still feel like I would be getting a better workout in a formal class. But, with working two jobs and preparing for the play, I am exhausted. I don't have any spare time to sit on the couch in my underoos, watching Tivoed eps of 90210, let alone to get into yoga clothes and go to a class. And poor Lucy Fur....she's been fed by Smang two days this week, because I go straight from one job to the other.

I got a text from Jeremiah. He's home safe from cruising the world. I am sure he'll give us a full run-down of his adventures as soon as he unpacks and updates :)

I am going to read over my lines again. At least, until another contract comes across my desk.