Sunday, September 04, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I just returned home from attending my first roller derby bout. I had to leave early, because there were fights breaking out, and I was ready to choke a bitch. For serious, I was all het up about it. The match itself was cool. I screamed my head off for Jersey Runaway Exit 10. My throat is a little sore right now. Smang is a badass jammer. I still have no idea how the hell you score or really, what the rules of the game are. They were printed in my program, but I just know they skate in a circle for a while. Then, a whistle blows and they tally the points. Also, I won the raffle for the $50 bar tab at the Elm Street Bar. It was only good for tonight, and I wasn't going. So, when they called my number, I handed my ticket to Laura and said "go claim your bar tab." She and her sister and her fiancee were planning on going, so it just made sense to give the tab to friends.

In other awesome news for my friends, my darling Shayna has been a member of the Warehouse since the beginning. She and I have gone to many shows together, and she's been to many more shows without me. But on Friday night, after she had a shitastic day, she recieved a phone call informing her that she will be going backstage before Wednesday night's show to MEET THE BAND! I'm so stoked for her. I've heard of this happening to WH members. Hell, as a member of the WH, I've had my own little dreams about the elusive meet & greet. But Shayna actually gets to DO a meet & greet. She'll post full details and pictures on Thursday, I'm sure. Be happy for her. She desreves it :)

Alright, I am going to go sit on the couch. I do not have to set my alarm for tomorrow, and I cannot tell you how very much that excites me. Happy Labor Day (in one hour, 52 minutes) to you!