Monday, August 29, 2005

Run away! Run away!

hmmm...what to tell you? Have you been to The Boots lately? Smang got a new car. Its name is Hansel (so hot right now). She's mastering a stick shift now. Last night, she managed to shift, talk on the phone and keep Dizzy the Wondermutt under control. It just takes practice.

I attempted red velvet cupcakes last night. My icing experiement failed miserably. The cupcakes didn't taste bad at all, but the goo that was masquerading as icing made a mess of the tins. I threw the remainders away this morning, sobbing. I hate it when I can't cook properly. Also, I bought some scallops to make for dinner, but I was too tired to keep cooking last night. We ordered Angelo's pizza. If you live in or around Lakewood, get Angelo's delivery every chance you get. Their phone # is committed to my memory. They have the yummiest Italian food. And I work in an Italian restaurant, albeit a different Italian restaurant. And now the thought of the scallops is making my stomach do flips. Ick.

The restaurant has not yet been as profitable as I'd hoped. Although I am working this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so maybe it will be better. Thank heavens Wednesday is payday. Phew!