Friday, September 16, 2005

Run away! Run away!

my vicodin is kickin' in. Let's post a bit, and see what happens. Hmm...I'm having dinner tonight with Paul Kim, Republican Extraordinaire. His wife, who's giving birth on Tuesday, the 20th will also be there. And, his sister Jully and her adorable child, Dignan. I'll be the only non-Asian. Well, Aileen, Paul's wife is technically white, but she's carrying a half-Korean seed, so I say she totally qualifies right now :)

So, this is where I am with The Flake: he was so awesome on Wednesday. So awesome that I thought he'd been replaced by some sort of pod-Flake. We made a date to go to the movies last night (Thursday). I told him I'd be home from work 'round 5:15. At 8:45, I got bored with waiting, so I called him to say "goodnight, sucko". And then, I took a pain pill and went to bed. He called today and was all "you look good (that's his "I know I fucked up, so I'ma flatter you now" bit)" and "thanks for calling last night." Whatevs. I know that most of my friends cannot stand The Flake. And with good reason. But I still harbor hope that he will one day realize what a shit he has been, become remorseful for all the wrongs and set about making them right. Of course, I also still believe that I was abandoned by my gypsy/princess mom when I was small and the lady who raised me is so jealous of my riches and beauty that she has burned every letter that my real gypsy/princess mom sent me, so that I could find her someday and claim my riches/throne. So, yeah, I'm all about the fairy tales.

Still in love with Mobile Gourmet. But I've done some math (stay with me). $7 every workday = $35 every work week. Which, equals $140 every work month. Which is entirely too goddamned much money. So, I will Mobile Gourmet once per week, and brown bag it the rest of the time. I made a deal with Neighbor Stacie. We're gonna start cookin' up a week's worth o'meals on Sunday nights, and sharing them. I have no problem eating the same thing every day. So, I will be making my world-famous lasagna this coming Sunday, and we'll munch that for the rest of the week. Lasagna is very easy to make and then freeze single servings of, for later consumption. I don't know how to make a small lasagna.

All righty. I'm going to eat an oatmeal raisin cookie for lunch now.

In conclusion, I love you intermittently.