Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Run away! Run away!

it is currently 98 degrees outside, with 45% humidity. I am drinking hot cocoa. This is because I am not outside. I am inside, in an office where the thermostat lacks external controls. It's 62 degrees in here. Not that cold, if I were wearing say, a little cardigan sweater or some long pants. This is Texas, and it's July, so I am wearing neither of those. I am wearing one of Smang's cute little skirts and a little sleeveless top. Because that's what you do here. *sips inappropriate beverage*

Oh my god! Have you seen these? I need them! Wonka! Purple! Sugar! I love all of those things!

Next week is end of the month here at work. It will be cah-razy round here, from what I understand. Which is good, because I am running out of internets to surf.

Do you want to hear about my boobs? Of course you do! So, some of you who have known me for quite some time know that in the past, when I was a little heftier, I was fairly well-endowed. As the pounds have come off, so too have the luscious breasticles begun to evaporate. It culminated in a trip to Victoria's Secret this weekend. They do the free measuring thing. So, she meaures me, and I don't believe her when she informs me of my new size. She convinces me to go into a dressing room and at least try on some bras in the size she believes I should be wearing. I was quite disheartened to learn that she wasn't lying to me. My once C cups have become some lowly (or lovely, depending on your outlook) A cups. That's not even the worst part. I chose to buy a bra, since they were having their semi-bi-quasi-annual sale. So I dig through the piles of 32-34 A bras. I wanted a simple, white, non-underwire bra. I found it! The part that make me want to cry is it looks just like the first bra my mommy ever bought me. The only difference is my "training" bra had a blue bow and my new bra has a white one. That's right, boys and girls: I WEAR TRAINING BRAS!

Enough talk of boobies. I shall go and shut down the office now, in anticipation of leaving in T-minus 36 minutes