Thursday, July 14, 2005

I know the updating has been quite random. Apologies. Life is quite random, so it all goes hand in hand.

New job is ok. A little boring at times. At least we've got the internets. I'd probably die if we didn't.

Watching tv, I saw that you can vote for your favorite weirdly flavored whitening toothpaste. Hear me now, Crest: toothpaste should be minty and should have some tartar control AND THAT'S IT! Enough with the weird vanillas and lemons and fruit punches. Stop it! Make plain old mint and quit fucking around.

It looks like I will have to pick up a shift at the restaurant sooner than I had imagined. Tomorrow is payday for my office, and I don't think I will get paid for my 3-ish days of work. I could use that cash, but there's nothing I can do about it. I won't work this weekend, but some night next week, you'll probably see me in my good old khaki shirt and black pants. Huzzah!

Went to see Fantastic Four this past weekend. It was great! I was very amused with it. Although, Michael Chiklis was the best thing in it (sorry, Human Torch. You're very pretty, though), and he's all covered up and hidden. I enjoyed it. Tomorrow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes out. I will be going to see that! Johnny Depp as Michael, Willy Wonka! The dentures! The squirrels! I loved Roald Dahl as a girl, so I think I will love this movie.