Sunday, July 10, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I just worked my last brunch at the restaurant. I didn't do the whole "Ok, call me later. Love you! *hugs*" thing at the end. I just left. Not really one for long goodbyes. Also, I'm sure that I'll be back there. Either to pick up a shift or to eat or what have you.

One more 8:30 am class tomorrow. I spoke to one of the owners of the yoga studio on Friday. I told her ther deal: I don't think I'd miss a class on purpose, but I have missed 3 classes in two months. And that means that something must be wrong. I will figure it out eventually.

I just painted my toenails and now I'm going to go catch up on my Tivo. This concludes this update. We now return you to your regularly scheduled internets.