Monday, June 06, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Happy Monday. Please meet Greta, the Jetta: Free Image Hosting at

she's so pretty. I love her so much. She's brand spanking new. I have never before owned a brand spanking new automobile. I have been warned to wait until she has 500 miles on the odometer, before really testing her out. I have been having to set the cruise control when I get onto Central Expressway, because I really LOVE driving fast. And Greta will go! Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, it's a virtue that I lack most of the time.

I will be working a lot this weekend, because someone else is out of town. I said no problem, that I'd help where I could. But don't schedule me for Saturday, please. I have tickets to go see you know who. So, I called today to check the schedule. Guess what? You'll never guess. How'd you know? They had me on Saturday night. Bitches. I told the GM that I'd work everything else, but I have concert tickets for Saturday night. She tried the whole "I'll cut you early, I swear" bit. Sheah! Right! Heard that before. Thanks, but I'd rather be on the shit list than be gullible anymore.

I keep trying to watch The Aviator, and I can't seem to make it through. It's not really a bad movie. It just seems so long.

I went to the Ft. Worth Zoo this Saturday. Then, we went to The Botanic Garden. The drinks at Primos. Then we went to the Improv to see Aries Spears at the Addison Improv. It was full day. The Flake was a great date almost the entire day :) He did look a little queasy while being squired about Addison in Greta the Jetta. No hurling in the car until at least 10,000 miles. And even then, it'd better be an emergency, where you're so overwhelmed at the thought with the impending onslaught of regurgitation that you've temporarily lost your ability to formulate words. Although you could still do hand signals or something. So, let's just go on record with "no hurling in the Jetta. Ever." and call it a day, shall we?