Thursday, June 02, 2005

Run away! Run away!

hahaha! After I said that I didn't want to wait tables, I ended up having a great night last night, finacially speaking. Our new manager did screw me at the end of the night. Whatever. Don't triple seat me, five minutes before we close and then be all mystified that something could be wrong. And then our antiquated computer system ate a $130 tab of mine. The tab that was, of course, very ready to go at that point. Also, Waiter Rant said it best when he pointed out that any customer that wants a table 30 minutes before close is an asshole. Allow me to amend that: any customer that comes in at 9:55p.m., when we close at 10p.m. is an asshole. And the newbie manager that says "Sure! Have a seat!" has forgotten that her servers and kitchen staff are her lifeline in this biz. To piss them off is to not think clearly about where you'd be without the staff.

I'm going to the bank now. Rent is due.