Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Run away! Run away!

well, it's definitely "later" ;)

went to see a little indepedent movie last night. Maybe you've heard of it? I enjoyed it. It has some logic problems, and some continuity problems with the rest of the movies. But it was very enjoyable. When it started, The Flake asked "Is this going to make sense? I haven't seen the first two." I assured him that it would be fine. I also told him that Anakin would end up becoming Darth Vader. So, when Sidious christened him Vader, The Flake leaned over and said "You've already seen this!" No, doofus. I have seen the other five movies. Also, that's not really a big spoiler. It's pretty much common knowledge.

I believe we are nearing the end of the era of the Jeep. I need better gas mileage. I need a less rickety ride. I need...something not bought on the fly. Some sort of well thought out purchase. More affordable. More comfortable. Also, I've had the Jeep a year, and never used the 4x4. What the hell is the point of having it, if not for that?

I may be getting another office type job. I still want to teach yoga, but I no longer wish to earn $2.13/hour to put up with people's bullshit. The tips are declining. My attitude is declining. I am too old for this shit. I made $41 yesterday on my double. That's not even $7/hour. Are you freaking kidding me?

I'm also quite ready to win the lottery. I'd be such a benevolent winner. Establishing charities, helping out my friends and shopping until I literally dropped. I have yet to own a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choos. A shoe whore such as myself should not be without these. I love my lime green slut heels, but they're only BCBGirls. Not even BCBG Max Azria. I'm a grown-ass woman, dammit! :)

I am closing dinner tonight. Hope it's a truly profitable shift. At least $125. So let it be done!