Monday, May 09, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I was going to bitch some more about the restaurant, but what's the point? You know I hate it. I know I hate it. Pretty much everyone (except my customers) knows I hate it. Let's move on.

I have been sporting a bracelet. Wanna see it?

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I don't really know what the "INSPIRE" means. I just like the color. The Flake gave it to me. I told someone over the weekend that it was a "What Would Britney Spears Do" bracelet. He totally bought it, too. Ha.

I paid my rent. I really do have the best landlord. He knows that I might not always be prompt with my money orders, but I *WILL* pay my rent. Apparently, one of my neighbors...not so much. I'm not saying which neighbor, but they're going to be evicted in the next week. I do not want to be anywhere near the eviction process. For myself or anyone else. EEP!

We had dinner with The Flake's parent's last night. At one point, he was warming something up in the microwave and he goes "what sort of spell are you casting to make my family side wiht you?" I was all "I'm just right...that's all". Also, Central Market creamed spinach is a little heavy on the garlic for me.

I will take at least one yoga class this week. Not teach. TAKE. I have been far too cranky with people. I need to reconnect.