Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Run away! Run away!

CNN Headline News is so annoying. And yety, I am having difficulties changing the channel. Oh! Maybe a new City Confidential will be on A&E.

Answer me something: would you be insulted if someone who was critiquing your resume as "elementary" and "basic" had spelling and grammatical errors in their own resume? I certainly was. I asked what "suite buyer's needs" meant and was informed that obviously, it means taking care of your customers "you know, suiting their needs." I was being yelled at, so I didn't get the chance to point out that it doesn't read "suit", it reads "suite". There's a difference in those two words.

I need some coffee and to vacuum the house. And I should take a shower. I really, really should just go to yoga. BLARGH!